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ZKUB-8.0 Dome mold grouting machine

ZKUB-8.0  Dome mold grouting machine

Product Description


The ZKUB-8.0 dome with mould grouting is an integral machine for tunnel lining, storage and grouting. It is a special grouting machine for tunnel lining. The dome mold grouting machine adopts double design, upper pulping, lower layer mixing pulp, front grouting, grouting pressure and flow automatic printing to realize a equipment "beat the world", reduce equipment input, improve grouting efficiency more than two times, and also reduce the labor intensity of field workers.

The grouting of the dome is by reconstructing the lining trolley, setting up a certain number of grouting holes along the longitudinal direction of the trolley, installing the fixed flanges for grouting, and preembedding the RPC grouting pipe before the concrete is put into concrete. After the end of the concrete pouring, the grouting pipe is injected in time. Pulp. The two lining die grouting of tunnel lining includes a set of new grouting processes, new tooling equipment and high performance filling materials. It greatly improves the grouting quality while simplifying the traditional grouting process.

Applicable Materials

Technical Specification



Work pressure

8 Mpa

Grouting machine power


Agitator power

4 kw

Shell dimension


Shipping measure






Available paint:

Cement mortar, dry mortar, putty powder, latex paint, waterproof coating, plaster, etc.

Sprayable wall:

Cement wall, brick concrete wall, hollow wall, light brick wall, non-burning brick wall.

Construction site:

Exterior wall spraying, interior wall spraying, waterproof material spraying, slope spraying, real stone spraying.


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