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PZ-6B Explosion-proof concrete sprayed machine

PZ-6B Explosion-proof concrete sprayed machine

Product Description


The main features and advantages of PZ-6B explosion-proof concrete sprayed machine lie in straight through rotor type unbonded material cavity, unobstructed material, high efficiency and time saving; four points elastic compensation pressure, good sealing effect, little dust near the machine, long life of vulnerable parts, low pressure high-speed vortex flow, overcoming bond in material transportation, plugging pipe and pulse disconnection, etc. The problem is that the material flow is uniform, the new nozzle is continuously stabilized, the discharge elbow is set, the spray effect is improved, the springback is few, and the spray layer quality is high. The explosion-proof concrete shotcreting machine can be assembled into tyre type, skid type and various track type rail wheels.

Applicable Materials

Technical Specification





Working pressure

0.2--0.45 Mpa

Shell dimension


Shipping measure






Available paint:

Cement mortar, dry mortar, putty powder, latex paint, waterproof coating, plaster, etc.

Sprayable wall:

Cement wall, brick concrete wall, hollow wall, light brick wall, non-burning brick wall.

Construction site:

Exterior wall spraying, interior wall spraying, waterproof material spraying, slope spraying, real stone spraying.


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