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GYP-90 Hyraulic wet jetting machine

GYP-90 Hyraulic wet jetting machine

Product Description


Hydraulic wet spray machine, also known as pump concrete wet spraying machine, adopts hydraulic pumping system, which has high reliability and stable transportation volume. The hydraulic sprayer can be used for shotcreting, filling, grouting and pumping.

Main technical features:

The hydraulic wet jetting machine is simple in structure and strong in adaptability

The pump pressure is high and the transportation distance is far away.

High efficiency: large transport capacity, high comprehensive efficiency

High efficiency: high performance, dense, homogeneous and high strength.

High reliability: the key parts are well-known brands in China to ensure high reliability of equipment.

Accelerant addition and control technology: the use of well-known pneumatic metering pump, accurate measurement, atomization range mixing with the nozzle flow, so that the coagulant and concrete mixing evenly.

The dust concentration outside the machine and the nozzle is reduced, and the harm to workers' health is eliminated.

Cooling hydraulic oil by air cooling, simple environmental protection.

Applicable Materials

Technical Specification



Max pressure

15 Mpa



Shell dimension


Shipping measure






Available paint:

Cement mortar, dry mortar, putty powder, latex paint, waterproof coating, plaster, etc.

Sprayable wall:

Cement wall, brick concrete wall, hollow wall, light brick wall, non-burning brick wall.

Construction site:

Exterior wall spraying, interior wall spraying, waterproof material spraying, slope spraying, real stone spraying.


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