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BW--150 Mud machine

BW--150 Mud machine

Product Description


The BW-150 type mud pump is a horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single action piston pump, which can transfer eight different pressure and flow. It can be used in the drilling engineering of geological core drilling engineering. It is suitable for small diameter diamond drilling in 1500 meters. It can also be used for middle and low pressure and cement slurry.

The BW-150 type mud pump has multiple variable variable variables, energy saving, compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, durable, safe operation, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. It is mainly used for geological drilling, geological engineering construction and foundation treatment.

Applicable Materials

Technical Specification

Max pressure 




Shell dimension


Shipping measure

Weight 560kg



Available paint:
Cement mortar, dry mortar, putty powder, latex paint, waterproof coating, plaster, etc.
Sprayable wall:
Cement wall, brick concrete wall, hollow wall, light brick wall, non-burning brick wall.
Construction site:
Exterior wall spraying, interior wall spraying, waterproof material spraying, slope spraying, real stone spraying.


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