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Impeller tray valve port packing machine

Impeller tray valve port packing machine

Product Description

Valve port automatic weighing packaging machine is a powder weighing packaging machine specially designed for dry powder mortar, cement, chemical and other industries. The microcomputer system of the equipment is produced by industrial-grade components and STM technology. It has the advantages of small size, strong function, high reliability and good adaptability. It integrates weighing control and has unique anti-interference ability. It can be used in harsh environments. Medium and long term use.


Application range:
The valve port packaging machine is suitable for automatic packaging of powder, flake, fine granular and powdery materials with high viscosity. Supporting many calcium carbonate and talc powder factories such as: pyrophyllite, talc powder, wollastonite, kaolin, heavy calcium, light calcium, activated carbon, rubber powder, soda ash, gluten powder, starch, sodium silicate, plastic powder, bump Barstone clay, bauxite, iron powder, titanium dioxide, etc.; mainly used in feed, food, metallurgy, medicine, petrochemical, non-metallic minerals, fine chemicals, inorganic salts, rubber and plastics, leather, fertilizers and other industries.
1. Fully automatic computer control, intelligent identification, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, accurate weighing;
2. New design, no mechanical weighing mechanism such as gate, scale bar, travel weight, card wheel, bayonet pin, tension spring, etc., reducing wearing parts, not only reducing maintenance costs, but also improving production efficiency;
3. Automatically realize the functions of pressing, filling, loosening, closing, which is easy to operate and durable;
4. Simple operation, convenient use, small size, fast packaging speed and high precision;
Technical parameter:
a. Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃-5℃~+40℃
b. Access to dry air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa
c. The device is connected to the power supply: AC380V, three-phase four-wire
d. Equipment dimensions: length, width and height 1240mm*670mm*1024mm.

Working principle:


The automatic weighing and packaging machine receives the weight analog signal through the instrument and the sensor and processes it into a digital signal, and controls the contactor and the solenoid valve through the relay to convert the signal to realize the rotation and stop of the motor and the action of the cylinder. The discharge principle is to use the high-speed rotation of the power head paddle to quickly pull out the material from the discharge port, and the internal air blows inside the power head to form a high pressure and blow the material to help the paddle discharge. Its main conveying method is that the motor drives the impeller to convey, and the gas plays the role of assisting the discharge (speeding up the packaging speed and preventing material blocking).



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