4 m3 dry mortar mixer

2021-04-28 09:11:52
Product introduction
Dry mortar production line is mainly composed of mixing machine, batching device, raw material tank, conveyor and lifting device, valve mouth packaging machine, dust collector, control system.
The mixer is the core of the dry mortar machine equipment.
The production efficiency and evenness of the finished product are determined.
Dry mortar mechanical mixing machine is required to have uniform mixing, no dead Angle, high efficiency, wear resistance equipment, fast discharging speed.
Specific packing in bulk and in bags.
Dry mortar production line suitable for dry mortar, dry mixed mortar, insulation mortar slurry, premixed mortar, admixture, pointing agent, interface agent, putty powder, chemical powder, such as mixing, mixing, metering, packaging.


Product features
1 product as a whole the up and down, building structure, fundamentally reduces the intermediate links, reduce the throughput, increase the working efficiency to increase production, the product can be used in bulk and two kinds of bags, bulk USES the material storage tank, direct hit 15 tons/hour capacity, using more than one valve bags mouth packing machine, and ensure that not less than 18-20 tons of output per hour.
2. High-efficiency dust removal system is adopted to purify the working environment of workers and ensure their physical and mental health.
3, the whole machine adopts PLC microcomputer touch screen control, high degree of automation.
4. Double sets of equipment are adopted to meet customers’ requirements that multiple varieties cannot be produced in one production line at the same time.






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