Mixing Plant Production Management 6 Elements, So That the Secret of Mixing Plant Orderly

2024-07-01 15:13:06

First of all, let’s talk about which of the six major elements are they?
1. Personnel configuration: Personnel configuration is very important for the mixing plant, which should ensure normal production personnel without causing personnel waste. According to the absolute scale of the mixing plant, different job categories should be set and different numbers of personnel should be allocated.

2. Equipment: For concrete production, the mixing plant is the largest equipment, and all production activities revolve around the mixing plant. Therefore, equipment management is very important to ensure the normal operation of the machine, which requires regular maintenance and mastery of certain mixing plant maintenance techniques.

3. Production: Concrete production requires collaboration among various departments, from obtaining sales orders to issuing production tasks by the production department. The laboratory provides specific relevant mix proportions, the mixing plant operator inputs production tasks to start production, and multiple departments need to communicate more when the concrete arrives at the construction site. Once any errors occur in the intermediate links, irreversible problems will be produced.

4. Fleet management: Many mixing plants have their own fleet, including mixer trucks and pump trucks, both of which are important carriers for concrete transportation and construction. Therefore, fleet management needs to establish effective systems. To improve the production efficiency of the entire mixing plant, mixer truck drivers need to transport concrete to the construction site on time, and at the same time, daily maintenance and repair of vehicles also need to be well controlled.

5. Scheduling: Many times, multiple construction sites are being constructed simultaneously. If the number of mixing trucks is limited, in order to ensure that all construction sites can carry out construction effectively, scheduling needs to make the most efficient dynamic management. At the same time, it is also necessary to make a rough plan for the mixing plant and the driver’s work the next day to ensure orderly production and transportation.

6. Risk control:Always paying attention to the cash flow situation of the enterprise, the ability to develop a mixing plant largely depends on the level of debt management and the management level of the enterprise. Improve management level, keep the enterprise in a virtuous cycle, fundamentally solve problems, and do a good job of risk avoidance.
Overall, whether a mixing plant can maintain long-term vitality and efficient operation requires a lot of substantive exploration in its production and management, while formulating a management path suitable for its own mixing plant.

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