A Dry Mixed Mortar Production Line With An Annual Output of 200,000 Tons

2024-06-24 11:53:57

Main features of dry mortar production line:

Main features of the dry mortar production line include a tower-type layout with top batching mode, significantly reducing material conveying time and improving production efficiency while lowering costs. The mixing system can be customized to accommodate output demands ranging from 4m3 to 12m3, featuring a large-capacity non-gravity dual-axis mixer with short mixing cycles and high accuracy. The entire equipment set is controlled in real-time by a PLC automatic control system, ensuring a high degree of automation management and creating a friendly working environment that enables high-yield and dust-free production while prioritizing environmental protection.

Introduction to dry mortar production process:

The main control system issues production instructions based on the selected process formula, and the system automatically extracts raw materials from the storage bin according to the proportion. After passing through the weighing and loading system, the raw materials enter the waiting mixing tank and the gravity-free high-efficiency mixer in turn, achieving fast mixing operations (3-5 minutes). After achieving the required mixing accuracy, the finished mortar is conveyed to the finished product storage tank with secondary mixing function, and enters the automatic filling process. A designed bag-type automatic packaging machine can be used for quantitative filling operations, greatly increasing production efficiency. The finished products packed are transported to the finished product area for placement and waiting for shipment.

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