Dry Mortar Mixed Production Line

2024-06-21 14:49:36

Application scenarios

1. New construction projects: In new construction projects, a substantial amount of mortar is required for masonry and plastering. A dry mortar production line can yield high-quality mortar, significantly enhancing construction efficiency and shortening the project timeline.

2. Old building maintenance: The maintenance of old buildings typically necessitates a significant quantity of mortar, and traditional hand-formulated mortar is inefficient and challenging to standardize. A dry mortar production line can generate high-quality mortar, ensuring both quality and efficiency in the maintenance work.

3. Subway tunnel projects: High-strength and high-consistency mortar are essential for subway tunnel projects, requirements that are difficult to meet through traditional manual preparation methods. A dry mortar production line can produce such specialized mortars, thereby enhancing the quality and safety of subway tunnel engineering.

4. Environmental protection engineering: Specialized mortars with functions such as waterproofing, fireproofing, or adsorption are necessary in environmental protection engineering projects. A dry mortar production line can manufacture these specialized mortars to fulfill the needs of environmental protection projects.

Equipment Advantages

1. Versatile application: Dry mortar can fulfill the production requirements for various types of dry mortar, such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, polymer mortar, and polystyrene particle insulation mortar.

2. Cost-effective equipment investment: Dry mortar equipment, particularly for external wall insulation and decorative mortar production projects, offers a quick return on investment.

3. User-friendly design: Dry mortar equipment has a small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption, and can produce approximately 5-40 tons per hour with minimal staffing requirements.

4. Extended service life: The vulnerable parts of the equipment are constructed from wear-resistant steel to significantly prolong its lifespan.

5. Advanced features of the dry mortar equipment host include a dual-axis non-gravity mixer developed by integrating technical essence from multiple generations of new models. It features automatic feeding, pneumatic discharge, and prevents accumulation on the barrel wall.

6. Automatic computer control with intelligent identification enables passive measurement with high sensitivity and stable performance while exhibiting strong anti-interference ability for accurate measurements.

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