Precautions for installing Sand Tumble Dryer, do you need a Technician?

2024-07-04 11:34:39

Sand tumble dryer is a kind of equipment for drying sand, minerals and other wet raw materials, widely used in more industries. Installation of sand tumble dryer need to pay attention to matters:

1. Select an installation site. When choosing an installation site, you should consider whether there is enough space and ventilation around the equipment. The equipment installation area should be flat and trouble-free to facilitate future equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.
2. Check the installation environment. Before installing the sand tumble dryer, check the site environment and ground conditions to ensure that the equipment can be installed on the ground smoothly, so as to avoid shaking and loosening during the operation of the equipment.
3. Ground the power supply. Before installing the sand tumble dryer, it is necessary to check whether the power supply meets the electrical requirements of the equipment. In addition, a grounding device must be installed around the device to avoid hazards such as electric shock or electric fire.
4. Disassemble the device. Remove the equipment from the container and assemble it according to the marks and drawings. Note the orientation and dimensions of the mounting components to ensure that the device is assembled correctly.
5. Fix the connecting pipe. Before placing the tumble dryer on the installation floor, please ensure that the inlet and outlet pipes and accessories are properly installed, and that various valves and connecting pipes with other equipment are configured as required.
6. Test the equipment. After the equipment is assembled, no-load start and various mechanical, electrical, safety and environmental tests should be carried out to ensure that the equipment can be used normally.

Installation of the sand tumble dryer requires professional technicians to ensure that the equipment can be installed in place and meets the relevant safety requirements. Therefore, ask the installation personnel to perform operations during installation and commissioning. If there is no professional staff, the equipment is prone to problems, and will bring unnecessary losses and dangers to the enterprise.

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