What factors should be considered when using Sand Dryer?

2024-07-05 11:20:14

1. Drying temperature: According to different materials, in the case of drying quality, try to choose a higher drying temperature to speed up the drying speed.

2. Humidity: Materials have different humidity.

3. Wind speed of hot air medium: The speed of hot air medium in the drying room is related to the drying speed, material shape and material characteristics.

4. Drying speed and drying method selection: drying should be controlled under technical parameters, such as temperature, humidity and wind speed, in order to achieve the retention of raw materials during the drying process.

5. Material placement: Stack thickness and placement method affect the drying speed. Reasonable control of pile thickness, increase heat exchange area and ventilation, speed up the drying speed.

6. Mixing and drying of different varieties: in principle, when raw materials are dried, a single variety is needed, and it is impossible to mix and dry together.

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