Triple cylinder rotary dryer

2022-01-21 14:44:26

The dryer is mainly used to dry granular materials within a certain humidity range, such as yellow sand used in the dry powder mortar industry, and molding sand of various specifications in the foundry industry. Blast furnace slag used in building materials and cement industry. Small particle size clay, the chemical industry is used for small particle materials that can not bear chemical changes and are not afraid of high temperature and smoke pollution. According to the requirements of different industries for the final moisture content of the materials after drying, the initial moisture content of the materials is less than 15%, and the final moisture content is maintained at 0.5%-1%.

There are more than 20 drying chambers uniquely designed inside the dryer, which greatly increases the contact area between heat and materials, makes full use of heat and reduces energy loss.

The unique design of the roller water tank greatly prolongs the service life of the tug. The running belt is cast with high temperature resistant and super wear-resistant materials, and the width is one grade wider than other manufacturers, which greatly reduces the loss of the running belt and the roller.

After the main machine is processed and formed, it is processed by lathe as a whole, which further increases the running stability of the main machine of the dryer.

A variety of heat source schemes are available, and the heat source can be selected from wood, coal, natural gas, etc.

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