What Kind of Sand Dryer is Commonly Used?

2024-06-28 17:40:32

What is commonly used is a three-cylinder dryer, the main features of the three-cylinder dryer:

1. High technical content, medium, inner cylinder self-insulation ability, high thermal energy utilization rate, low outlet temperature, greatly extend the service life of the dust collector.
2. Different lifting devices are used in different areas of the inner, middle and outer cylinder respectively, which can increase the lifting rate to about 40%, reduce the “wind tunnel”, increase the contact rate between boredom and hot air flow, and greatly increase the drying efficiency.
3. Synchronous drive with age support wheel, high rotation efficiency.
4. Small footprint, the use of the whole 100 bracket, easy installation, less failure rate, easy maintenance, basic investment.
5. The inlet and discharge device adopts structural soft seal, small air leakage rate, high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.
6. The process flow can be downflow or counterflow.
7. Optimized structural design and heat-resistant treatment technology lay the foundation for long-term, trouble-free operation of the dryer.
8. According to the different nature of the material, the speed regulating motor or frequency converter is used to reasonably adjust the cylinder speed to increase the drying efficiency.
9. Using the principle of aerodynamics, the wind inside the three bodies is evenly distributed, the ventilation is smooth, and the wind resistance is low.

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