Triple Cylinder Drying Machine Features

2024-07-02 10:54:35

1. 20% of the imported products invested in the equipment are made of wear-resistant manganese plate, which is 3-4 times wear-resistant than ordinary steel plate.

2. the initial moisture of the material is 25%, and the final moisture is below 0.5-1%, which is the preferred product of various drying projects such as cement slag powder, dry powder mortar production line.

3. Increase the efficiency of more than 40% than the traditional single cylinder dryer.

4. The fuel can use white coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, oil, gas, wood, biomass, etc., can bake 20-40mm lump material, granular material, powder material.

5. It is about 60% less than the single cylinder dryer, and the civil construction investment is about 60% less, and the installation is convenient.

6. No air leakage phenomenon, completely solve the difficulty of sealing.

7. discharge temperature ≤60 degrees, can be directly fed into the warehouse, no need to enter the cooling shed cooling.

8. The outer cylinder temperature is less than 60 degrees, the exhaust gas temperature is less than 120 degrees, and the service time of the dust removal equipment bag is more than 2 times longer.

9. Coal consumption is 1/3 of the single cylinder dryer, saving 40% of electricity, and the consumption of tons of standard coal is less than 10 kg.

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