What are the Advantages of the Non-gravity Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer?

2024-07-04 16:12:58

Non-gravity twin shaft paddle mixer is widely used in dry mortar, chemical, pesticide, detergent, pigment food, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, salt, feed, chemicals, ceramics, plastics, rubber additives and other dry materials and mixing.

How it works:

The horizontal cylinder of the non-gravity twin shaft paddle mixer is equipped with a double-axis rotating reverse blade, which turns the material along the axial and radial circulation at a certain Angle, so that the material is quickly mixed evenly; In order to reduce the replacement cost of the wearing parts of the equipment, the blade blade can be made into two pieces, and a movable small blade is placed on the blade base to directly replace the worn small blade, which is economical and fast; The discharge form is generally pneumatic (manual) flap valve, arc valve is tightly embedded in the cylinder, flush with the inner wall of the cylinder, no material accumulation and mixing dead Angle phenomenon; The standard type has the difference of opening the door and opening the door to the side of the cylinder, and the material is clean and fast, and the residue is less.

Performance characteristics:

The rotation speed of the shaft driven by the reducer and the structure of the blade will weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, the particle size of each material and the disparity of the specific gravity will be ignored in the mixing process. The intense stirring movement shortens the mixing time at one time, making it faster and more efficient.
Even if the material has the difference of specific gravity and particle size, it can achieve a good mixing effect by rapidly and violently tossing and throwing in the staggered mixing blades.

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