Which is more Advanced, Three Drum Dryer or Triple Cylinder Drying Machine?

2024-07-05 16:28:20

The two have similarities:
1. All industrial dryers are used to dry sand and other materials with good fluidity.
2. All are composed of three cylinders, and the material goes back and forth in the dryer three times to achieve full drying of the material.
3. Small floor area, high heat utilization rate, energy saving and environmental protection, dry thoroughly.

The difference between the two:
1. Generally speaking, the three-return dryer is short in length and large in diameter, while the three-cylinder dryer is slightly longer in length and relatively small in diameter.
2. The three-cylinder dryer has no taper from the appearance, and is slightly longer, while the three-return dryer has a slight taper from the outside, and is thicker and shorter.
3. The three cylinders inside the three-return dryer have a certain taper, and the three cylinders inside the three-cylinder dryer have no taper.
4. Generally speaking, the length of the three-cylinder dryer can be designed to be longer, and the three-return dryer is designed to be shorter.
Which of the two dries better?
We suggest that it is better to use a three-cylinder dryer or multiple three-return dryers for drying materials above 50 tons per hour;
The cone design of the three-return dryer is mainly to increase the flow of the material inside the dryer, thereby increasing the output.

Warm reminder:
Whether it is three return or three cylinder dryer is the most energy-efficient industrial dryer at present, their internal lifting plate Angle design, three cylinder length design, three cylinder diameter design, taper design, inlet and exit material design, etc., have a certain scientific basis, summed up through long-term practice, and not the same appearance or look similar. The drying effect that can be achieved must be good, so remind our customers: when buying three-return or three-cylinder dryers, we must order products from powerful manufacturers, so that product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

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