JZM500 Fixed Bucket Quick Mixer

Discharge capacity: 500L

Feed capacity: 800L

Capacity: 18-25m³/h

Mixing drum speed: 14-17r/min

Drum size: Φ 1500mm * 1150mm

Product Introduction

The JZM500 mixer is a friction type concrete mixer that uses rubber supporting wheels for friction transmission. This mixer is not prone to slipping, has low loss, long service life, lower noise, more stable operation, and more uniform mixing quality. It is a relatively advanced model.


1.The JZM500 mixer has high mixing efficiency and good production quality;

2.Low noise, especially suitable for construction in residential areas;

3.Made of high-quality materials and sprayed with imported ship paint;

4.Strong mixing performance, high mixing efficiency, and convenient operation.

Working Principle

The JZM500 concrete mixer is equipped with several mixing blades along the circumference of the inner wall of the cylinder. During operation, the cylinder rotates around its own axis. The blades are used to divide, lift, sprinkle, and impact the materials inside the cylinder, continuously redistributing the positions of the mixture and allowing it to be mixed.


JZM500 Fixed Bucket Quick Mixer

Mixing system

discharge capacity


feed capacity




Mixing drum speed


Drum size

Φ 1500mm * 1150mm

Feeding system

Batching bin size

1750mm*2150mm (L*W)

External 219 Screw

Total length 4.5m, with reducer, with bucket

Circuit system

Electronic control cabinet

Wireless remote control

Mixing motor


Belt conveyor motor

3KW-6 level

Batching bin vibrator


Screw motor


Water supply system

Water pump motor

1.1KW Sewage pump, 2 inch calibre

Traction system

Universal mobile turntable, 8 tyres, 4*1.5m outriggers

Complete machine

Machine size

4150mm*1800mm*2750mm (L*W*H)

Machine weight



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