Small-Scale Mobile Grain Dryer

Capacity: 1000~2000kg/h

Application: Rice, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, rapeseed, corn and oil crops

Product Introduction

This dryer consists of a drying section, tempering section, cooling section, etc. It employs mixed flow drying technology and can perform one-time or cyclic drying with clean hot air as the medium. The grains slowly flow from the top to the bottom of the channel between the angular boxes due to gravity. The hot air enters the dryer through the angular box and flows through the grain layer to the surrounding air exhaust boxes. It then turns into exhaust gas and is eventually discharged from the air exhaust box. The heating temperature of the grains in the dryer undergoes an alternating process. The use of a thin grain layer, low fan power, and low power consumption results in reduced costs. The hot-blast stove consists of the furnace body, heat exchanger, and other components, which can utilize coal, straw, waste wood, rice husk as fuel. The heat exchanger is made of heat-resistant material, ensuring high thermal efficiency and a long service life.

Working Principle

The small-scale mobile grain dryer primarily employs mixed flow drying technology, utilizing clean hot air as the medium to dry the grain. Within the dryer, angular ventilation boxes are arranged in a staggered pattern and filled with grains that flow downwards. Hot air enters the intake angular box through the grain layer and moves through the layer from top to bottom.



Output: kg/h

Dropping exten:%

Hot air temperature:℃

Unevenness of drying:

Coal consumption:kg/h










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