Small Circulating Grain Dryer

Capacity: 15-22.5ton/d

Application: Rice, soybean, wheat, sorghum, rapeseed, corn and oil crops.

Product Introduction

The small circulating grain dryer is a type of small grain dryer developed by our company, based on the continuous grain dryer. This machine uses a circulating drying process, which solves the problem of the short drying time of small grain dryers, making it difficult to dry high-moisture raw grains. During operation, if the raw grains have not yet reached the safe-moisture level after the first drying cycle, they will be circulated back into the dryer for a second drying cycle using the circulating delivery system. Real-time moisture level testing is performed at the exit of the dryer, and the discharge valve is only opened once the safe-moisture level of the grain is reached, allowing for safe and efficient grain discharge.

Working Principle

The small circulating grain dryer is designed as a solution to the problem of short drying time and high moisture content in raw grains that can't be dried effectively by small grain dryers. It was developed based on the continuous grain dryer and employs a circulating drying process that circulates raw grains for a second drying cycle through the dryer. During operation, the moisture level of the grains is monitored in real-time at the exit of the dryer. Once the safe-moisture level is reached, the discharge valve is started to discharge the grains out of the dryer. The dryer makes use of clean hot air as the heat medium to dry the grains, and its interior is composed of angular ventilation boxes arranged in a staggered pattern. The angular boxes are filled with grains flowing downward, and the hot air enters the intake angular box through the grain layer and passes through the grain layer from above to below.



Output: kg/h

Dropping exten:%

Hot air temperature:℃

Unevenness of drying:

Coal consumption:kg/h










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